Something we get asked a lot in our office. Does excess weight have any impact on my testosterone levels? 


In short, very likely! We wanted to reveal some of the research we’ve done on the issue. 


Of course, if you’re reading this blog you’re aware of the various issues involving low testosterone and men.  We pride ourselves on helping men navigate this process as they age. 


Testosterone plays a well-known role in male sexual and reproductive functions. However, many are not as aware that it plays a significant role in metabolism and calorie usage as well. According to Health Guidance, “Testosterone affects body composition in a positive way by reducing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass5, low levels therefore, reverse these effects” (3). 


It may feel natural to shrug this off as a natural part of aging, however we feel through consistent and purposeful efforts to manage weight, testosterone levels, diet, etc. can all play contributing factors in extending a quality, healthy life. While many are often chasing longevity through living to a certain age, there is a lot to be said about the quality of the years. 


Our Atlanta/Sandy Springs and Lawrencville offices focus on a wide range of wellness issues, but one of the services we are especially proud of is our testosterone replacement therapy. 


The folks over at Peak Testosterone wrote a fantastic blog on the correlation of weight gain to low testosterone levels. I highly recommend checking it out. One thing that jumped out at us was the following quote: 

It should be noted that this does not just apply to the morbidly obese.  One study of men with significant visceral fat showed that dropping about 35 pounds led to a 15 percent increase in free testosterone. [1] Other research showed that losing between 57 and 283 pounds produced even more significant changes in testosterone:  average total testosterone levels went 240 to 377 ng/dl, a sizeable 58% rise on average. Free testosterone also increased by 41%. [2] Again, the men who lost the most amount of weight probably doubled their testosterone levels.”


Our philosophy at Balanced Bodies involves being aware of all facets of one’s health/wellness, and we see over and over the stark reminders of the synchronization of our bodies’ various systems. 


If you’re curious about your testosterone levels, please click here to book a no-risk consultation at one of Atlanta area locations. 



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