IV Nutrient Therapy

At Balanced Bodies, we offer a large selection of vitamins, nutrients, and injectables. Numerous medical conditions including anxiety, depression, dementia, and autoimmune diseases have been linked to nutrient deficiencies. Benefits of IV therapy include; increased energy, improved skin quality, reduced symptoms of stress, improved symptoms of chronic illnesses, reduction in headaches, shorter recovery times after strenuous activities, common colds, and allergies. Based on your evaluation, we may recommend a Myer’s cocktail, high dose vitamin c, vitamin and mineral blends, amino acids, zinc, or glutathione to promote hydration, recovery, and restore nutrient balance.

The advantage of IV administration is 100% absorption of nutrients and faster delivery compared to other routes.

IV Therapy

Recovery & Performance

Recharge your body with a healthy dose of hydration plus a blend of vitamins, amino, and minerals.

Restore & Replenish

The classic Myer’s cocktail including vitamin B, C, magnesium, and calcium helps with recovery, fatigue, and energizing the body.

Immunity – Natural Defense Therapy

Boost your immunity and help decrease the severity and length of viral and bacterial infections with a blend of hydration plus vitamin B, C, and zinc. Our Natural Defense IV therapy may help to protect you from COVID-19 and numerous other viral illnesses.

Add Ons:

Additional IV additives

  • Toradol for headaches

  • Zofran for nausea

  • Glutathione-antioxidant,anti-aging, and detoxifying agent.

  • NAD+ for repairing DNA,reducing inflammation,and prevent aging.

Advanced Micronutrient Testing

Balanced Bodies Anti-Aging Clinic offers the most advanced and comprehensive nutritional analysis available. Advanced micronutrient panels test over 30 different vitamins,amino acids, fatty acids,metabolites,minerals,and antioxidants.

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