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We get it. It’s a crazy world, filled with “new normals.” But, even though we never know what’s coming tomorrow, there are some constants you can always count on in terms of your health.

One constant; there will always be healers. That’s why we’re here.

Unfortunately, another constant is stress. And while we can treat the symptoms of stress (headache, fatigue, muscle & joint pain, chest pain, change in sex drive, upset stomach, sleep problems) with premier supplements like cannabidiol (CBD), we created Balanced Body to give people a different approach… wellness.

Wellness runs deep

So, for all the stressors of the modern world and the change of times, you can rest assured that, as with all things, nature finds balance. So for all the negative effects modern life causes your body, there are also new ways to benefit your health.

Take CBD for example. It’s nothing new, as the CBD-rich hemp plant (and its many uses) have been with humanity since the dawn of history. But, until very recently, there was no way to separate the CBD from other cannabinoids in the plant (including the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC).

What’s the best CBD?

Today, the advancement of science and medicine allows us to do just that- deliver a variety of pure CBD products without contaminants, without THC, and better for your body. Pure CBD supplements, like Green Roads, are more bioavailable for your body and provide consistent effects with fewer (if any) side effects.

Even before a global pandemic shut much of the world down, toxic stress was already debilitating millions around the world. The sad thing is, many people don’t even know why they feel bad. That’s because stress is a killer that hides in the shadows behind multiple symptoms of unwellness, often chronic in nature.

What does CBD treat?

Today we do know that CBD has multiple therapeutic benefits. This miraculous anti-inflammation effects; pain relief; appetite stimulation; and as treatment for seizures, cancer, schizophrenia, anxiety, asthma, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, ALS, Alzheimers, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia, substance abuse, immune-mediated diseases and even heart disease.

Phew! Big breath!!

There is even research ongoing to test the benefits of CBD treating COVID-19 patients as it shows promise in reducing inflammation in the lungs with minimal or no side effects.

How does CBD work?

The short answer is, we’re still learning. Due to CBD coming from the hemp plant, and its subsequent relation to psychoactive THC, researchers were prohibited from studying any part of the plant. It wasn’t until the 1980s that scientists even knew the human brain had cannabinoid receptors.

That’s right. In 1982, scientists learned that your body has cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) which affect sleep, auto immune-system responses and pain. So, the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) not only benefits body-wide from sources like CBD in topicals, tinctures, oils, balms and more; but they also produce their own cannabinoids too.

The reason we know CBD to be therapeutic and not psychoactive like THC is because of the way these different compounds react with the body’s CB receptors.

We are still studying the effects of CBD, but what we do know is that CB1 controls several physiological functions like sleeping, appetite, vomiting, mood, pain perception, and memory; while CB2 controls inflammation since these receptors are predominantly found in the immune system.

Now, THC binds to the CB1 receptors to produce its therapeutic effects. This is also how THC produces its euphoric, psychoactive effects. But CBD only binds with CB2 receptors, which produce only therapeutic effects in the immune system, the brain, the gastrointestinal system and the peripheral nervous system.

This is why CBD can’t get you high.

Why use CBD?

All body functions require balance, or homeostasis, to perform at maximum capacity. Your endocannabinoid system, which is made up of a network of receptors, helps the body maintain homeostasis through “messenger” molecules called cannabinoids, the receptors that these molecules bind to, and the enzymes that break them down for the body to synthesize.

Pain, stress, appetite, energy metabolism, cardiovascular function, reward and motivation, reproduction, and sleep are all functions that the ECS can modulate. So it’s apparent that humans benefit from CBD use for a wide range of reasons.

For the purposes of this blog, the doctors at Balanced Bodies understand that CBD benefits holistic body systems. Of course, there is much more medical terminology into which we can dig, but for most people, it’s the results which are satisfying, not the science. We can discuss human physiology and the efficacy of cannabinoids in greater detail in another blog. But, for today, suffice it to say that the scientific community has proven that CBD deserves its space in healing.

And just as the doctors at Balanced Bodies focus on wellness for your entire body, CBD helps balance the holistic systems affecting all aspects of your health.

Of course, as with anything that affects the body, there can be some side effects. So, you should check with your doctor to ensure your CBD usage won’t affect any existing condition or medication. We are happy to consult further with you to determine which CBD product is best for your needs.

CBD for health

Life is about balance. From learning to walk, to riding a bike for the first time, to the fuel we use to power our lives throughout, balance is the key to sustainable health. That’s why we call our wellness practice Balanced Bodies.

Yes, the busy nature of life today causes stress. And stress causes problems for entire body systems, often affecting the very same functions that CBD can help balance. So, if left untreated, stress is like an old stick of dynamite. It’s not a matter of if, but when it’s going to explode causing who knows what damage?

At Balanced Bodies, we know how effective the Green Roads products can be for wellness. Like every product we offer, we feel CBD can help you live a longer, healthier and more productive life.

CBD is