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Hormone Consultation

Initial consultations are complimentary. We offer in-house lab testing for your convenience. There is a nominal fee for lab work done through our clinic. Lab panels may include male and female advance hormone panels and cardiometabolic testing. In addition, we offer functional testing of over 30 vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites. A follow up appointment to review results and discuss therapy options will be scheduled once lab work is completed.

Therapies are based on several factors including symptoms, lab results, and personal goals.  Each client receives a individualized treatment plan. Our primary objective is to improve or eliminate symptoms of hormone and nutrient imbalances in order to improve performance, wellness, and health. In comparison to commercial available hormones that only offers a few dosing options, we tailor make our hormones to each client’s specific needs. All hormones are bioidentical and made in FDA approved pharmacies.

Clients will be scheduled a follow up appointment in 8-10 weeks after beginning hormone therapy for repeat lab testing. Adjustments to therapy are made based on response to hormones and lab results. Routine follow up appointments and testing continue every 6 months thereafter or as necessary. Our goals is to be your partner in health and longevity. Our clients always have access to our providers through our patient portal or telephone.

Hormone Therapy Results

The majority of Balanced Body Anti-Aging Clinic clients will notice significant symptom improvements within the first two to three months of starting hormone replacement. HRT can be utilized effectively and safely for years with close monitoring of blood levels and periodic follow-up visits.

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